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I vaxed and boosted to protect myself from Covid. I believe vaccines help eradicate deadly diseases. Also, I still mask and distance as I’m able, since Covid is air-borne. I understand that there are people who are immune compromised and can’t vax. or mask.

In my lifetime, 87yrs, I have seen smallpox, measles, and polio deaths .I remember when vaccines offered safety from the spread these terrible diseases. We rejoiced and received the vaccines enthusiastically. (There were some


When people cry “freedom” and don’t mask or vax, I strongly believe they are infringing on the freedom of life for others and care little for the “common good”.

The number of people who have died from Covid in just 3 years is unbelievable. It’s as if entire cities populations had died of Covid.

Covid has not gone away. We need to continue to protect ourselves and others as we are able. “Do unto others . . ,” “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

God bless us as we practice God’s love for ourselves and our “neighbors”.

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The heart of what you're saying Joy is very commendable. Our care and ultimate concern for the least advantaged is part of our calling as Christians (i.e., helping orphans, widows, poor, needy, sick, etc.).

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fightin for freedom, man

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