I have 4 substacks at https://substack.com/profile/98340589-len-kinder. Cataclysmic Earth History explores the major cataclysms that humanity and the biosphere have suffered through in the last 6,000 years or more. Acts 15 Church discusses progressive, optimistic religion. The former shows evidence that the Great Flood occurred about 5,300 years ago, according to the Septuagint (contrary to the Masoretic, which latter was apparently designed to deny Jesus as messiah, so they misstated some of the key dates in the Bible).

I found that the sedimentary rock record proves the Great Flood. It appears that conventional geologists have overlooked a key fact in geology since its inception. That is that sedimentary rocks are of 3 main types -- shale, limestone and sandstone -- and that they could not have been deposited gradually at separate times, since it's implausible that just one rock type would have been deposited for thousands or millions of years. The lack of erosion channels and lack of bioturbation (animal burrows) additionally show that there were no long periods of time between sediment deposits. Besides the Great Flood, there was also major flooding during the Younger Dryas impact/s, though it didn't flood the entire world, because there were higher elevations of land by then. The supercontinent during the Great Flood was all lowland, so it was easy for a flood to inundate the entire supercontinent at that time. It's likely that the Earth's surface is young, but the inner Earth is likely older, but there's no way to determine yet how old, although a friend calculated the solar system is likely under 400 million years old.

I believe "God" means universal consciousness & universal love/caring, but in the Bible it also means angels of God, i.e. angels who carried out the wishes of what they believed were "God's". This is indicated in at least two places in the Bible: 1. in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah where the angel visitors were referred to as men, angels and Lord, or Lord God; 2. in the Book of Acts where Stephen tells the story of Moses and the burning bush, but instead of saying God spoke to Moses through the bush, he said an angel spoke to Moses thereby. In Acts 15 I have various posts on such topics as: All Are Saved; Jesus is our Example; There is no Permanent Hell; Acts 15 is about Unity via Unanimous Decision-making; etc.

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