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Wow! There is much to process in this writing.

We certainly are influenced by our own experiences and interpretations.

However, the differences fall away when our core is Jesus: His life, His death, His resurrection and His accession. We are left with His actions, His words, His teachings, especially His Sermon on the Mountain.

I believe the different denominations serve many outlooks, but Jesus must be our center.

Personally, I call myself a Pentecostal Episcopalian Mennonite. I’ve been a part of each of these denominations. They are all a part of my belief. Each are important to me.

For example, when I’m deeply concerned about my son and I can’t put it into words, I find myself praying in “tongues”. The Holy Spirit provides the words and comforting relief.

Peaceful response with action is important to me.

The Eucharist, coming to the altar for communion “to be fed, our Lord feeds us from His very self”moves me to tears.

All of these teachings are part of me.

God bless your ministry and how it pushes me “to consider and to think in new ways.”

Peace and Love, JoyDawn Sutter

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Years ago, there was an ecumenical initiative in our town where pastors from different churches surprised their congregants with a switcheroo. The baptist minister was speaking at the Presbyterian church, let’s say. And the Presbyterian pasted would be speaking at maybe the Alliance church. And it wasn’t announced ahead of time so that people couldn’t just follow their pastor around town. It was a surprise with the clear intention of promoting unity and brotherhood between churches. This initiative seems like a practical application of what you’re saying here.

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This is a really solid article.

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I think Paul’s heart on this issue is clearly expressed in 1 Timothy 1:3-5

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“Did this number come about by attempting to seek truth and unity through Christ or by prioritizing individual belief over brotherhood?”

That’s a serious question that is not spoken out loud enough.

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“Protestantism is flexible enough to take tremendous criticism because less doctrines are inextricably tied to institutional salvation, but it is also not unified and organized well enough to fix the problems it has.” !!!

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